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Muddln IT Beratung - Tech Strategy,Software Development,Software Architecture,Product Strategy,Team Organisation,Technology Evaluation

Hi, I'm Jan.

I support you in



Product & Technology Strategy

I support you in refining your product mission and long term technology vision to improve the product offer for your users.

Software Architecture & Engineering Teams

I help you improving the software architecture and engineering teams in their goals building software, reliable, agile, fast and scalable.

Development & Quality

I help you choosing the right technology for development and shipping your products in the best quality to your customers.


  • R&D in Software Architecture for Cyber-physical Systems
    Research at the Technical University of Dresden in the Topic Self-adaptive Software Architecture for reconfigurable sensor systems.

  • Software Engineer
    Building a boardgame trading platform. I know how to develop full-stack software.

  • Co-Founder Wandelbots
    As one of the founders of a deep tech robotics software startup i know all the facets of successfully starting a company.

  • CTO and Teamlead
    I know what it is like to navigate different group dynamics and still be able to deliver high quality products on time.

  • Now: Tech Consultant
    Medium-sized companies trust my abilies to analyze and solve road blocks and potentials for growth.


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